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Mustang Decoder Results

Warranty Number: 9F02H197507

Year: 9 1969
Plant: F Dearborn, MI
Body Series: 02 SportsRoof
Engine: H 351 2v V8  details...
Unit: 197507 197507

Miscellaneous Vehicle Data

Body: 63C SportsRoof, Mach 1, Deluxe Interior
Color: T5 Candyapple Red w/Flat Black Hood  details...
Trim: 3A Black Vinyl and Black Knitted Vinyl, Mach 1 Luxury
Date: 12K October 12, 1968
D.S.O: 24 Jacksonville
Axle: 6 3.00:1, Conventional  details...
Trans: 6 4-Speed Close Ratio  details...



Engine Specifications

Type: V8 ohv
Displacement: 351 ci
- Actual: 351.86
Bore x Stroke: 4.000 x 3.500
Carburation: Autolite 2v
- Model/CFM: 2100/356
Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
Horsepower @ RPM: 250 @ 4600
Torque @ RPM: 355 @ 2600
Lifter Type: Hydraulic
Lift (In/Ex): .418"/.448"
Duration (In/Ex): 256/270
Firing Order: 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8
Idle: 650 RPM
Timing: 6 btdc
Point Gap: .017"
Dwell Angle: 26-31
Plug Type: BF-42
Plug Gap: .032"-.036"
Oil Pressure: 35-60 psi
Oil Capacity: 5 qts
Vacuum: 18 in/hg
Valve Diameter (in): 1.902"-1.917"
Valve Diameter (ex): 1.533"-1.548"
Comb. Chamber Volume: 58.9-61.9 cc

Axle Specifications

Type: Traction-Loc
Ratio: 3.25:1
- Actual: 3.2500
Ring/Pinion: 39/12
Diameter: 9.00"
Axles: 28 spline
Carrier: Removable

Transmission Specifications

Type: 4-Speed Manual
Make: Ford
1st Gear: 2.78:1
2nd Gear: 1.93:1
3rd Gear: 1.36:1
4th Gear: 1.00:1
Reverse: -2.78:1

Casting Numbers

Bracket, P/S C7AA-3C511-C C7AZ-3C511-A Front Support Mounting Bracket w/PS
Bracket, P/S C9OA-3E602-A C9OZ-3C511-A Rear Support Mounting Bracket w/PS
Bracket, P/S C7AA-3A732-B C7SZ-3A732-A Adjusting Bracket w/PS
Pulley, P/S Pump 7AA C7AZ-3A733-A 5.22" O.D. w/o AC w/PS
Pulley, P/S Pump 7AD C7AZ-3A733-D   w/AC w/PS
Pulley, P/S Pump 6AA C7AZ-3A733-E   w/AC w/o TE w/PS
Pulley, P/S Pump 7AE C7AZ-3A733-F   w/o AC w/PS
Engine Block C9OE-6015-A 6015   1st Design
Engine Block C9OE-6015-B 6015   2nd Design
Cylinder Head C9OE-6090-B C9OZ-6049-A   1st Design
Cylinder Head C9OE-6090-D C9OZ-6049-A   2nd Design
Connecting Rod C9OE-6200-A C9OZ-6200-A    
Crankshaft 3M C9OZ-6303-A    
Pulley, Crankshaft C9OE-6312-E C9OZ-6A312-B 2 sheave, 6.12" O.D. w/o AC
Pulley, Crankshaft C9ZE-6312-B C9ZZ-6A312-B 3 sheave, 7.38" & 6.5" O.D. w/AC
Damper Assy, Crank C9OE-6316-E C9OZ-6316-A 6.38" O.D., 3.03" Long  
Pulley, Water Pump C6AE-8509-A C6AZ-8509-A 2 sheave, 5.88" O.D. w/AC
Pulley, Water Pump C8AE-8A528-F C8OZ-8509-A 1 sheave, 6.44" O.D. w/o AC w/o PS
Pulley, Water Pump C7OE-8509-D C8OZ-8509-B 2 sheave, 6.44" O.D. w/o AC w/PS
Fan Blade C9OE-A C6OZ-8600-A 4 Blade 17.5"x0.62" w/o AC FR 11/6/68
Fan Blade C8SE-B C8SZ-8600-B 5 Blade 17.5"x0.62" w/AC 1st Design
Fan Blade C8SE-D C8SZ-8600-B 5 Blade 17.5"x0.62" w/AC 2nd Design
Fan Blade C8SE-A C9OZ-8600-B 4 Blade 17.56"x0.62" w/o AC B4 11/6/68
Fuel Pump 4567 C8OZ-9350-A    
Intake Manifold C9OE-9425-A C9OZ-9424-A Cast Iron 1st Design
Intake Manifold C9OE-9425-C C9OZ-9424-A Cast Iron 2nd Design
Intake Manifold C9OE-9425-F C9OZ-9424-A Cast Iron 3rd Design
Ex. Manifold, RH C9AE-9428-C C9AZ-9430-A   FR 12/2/68
Ex. Manifold, RH C9OE-9428-A C9OZ-9430-A   B4 12/2/68
Ex. Manifold, LH C9OE-9431-A C9OZ-9431-A   1st Design
Ex. Manifold, LH C9OE-9431-B C9OZ-9431-A   2nd Design
Carburetor C9ZF-A C9ZZ-9510-A   w/Manual
Carburetor C9ZF-B C9ZZ-9510-B   w/Auto
Carburetor Spacer C8AE-9A589-C C3AZ-9A589-D    
Air Cleaner Assy. C8AF-9600-C C8AZ-9600-A 17.84" x 4.20" 1st Design
Air Cleaner Assy. C8AF-9600-G C8AZ-9600-A 17.84" x 4.20" 2nd Design
Pulley, Alternator C5AF-10A352-G C5AZ-10344-G 1 sheave 1st Design
Pulley, Alternator C5AF-10A352-K C5AZ-10344-G 1 sheave 2nd Design
Distributor C9OF-12127-M C9OZ-12127-E    


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