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Welcome To The Mustang Decoder Online

Imagine having a library of information about your Mustang at your finger tips. The Mustang Decoder Website can decipher your Mustang's codes and provide you with detailed restoration information, without having to shuffle through a ton of books.

Painstakingly researched, the Mustang Decoder Website is guaranteed to be the most accurate and comprehensive code cracker available. From engine casting numbers to rear axle identification, interior trim to paint mixing codes, the Mustang Decoder Website is the definitive source of reference for 1964 1/2 through 1973 Mustangs.

The Mustang Decoder Website uses an extensive set of databases that cross reference each other to give you unmatched accuracy and detail. Missing or damaged tags are no problem. Now you can recreate the original codes missing from your Mustang.

Complete decoding of 1964 1/2 through 1973 Mustang door dataplates:
Dataplate codes are encoded as fast as you enter them. If a code is illegible or your plate is damaged or missing, you can get a pick list of available options. Once you select an option the dataplate is filled in with the apropriate code. Options are filtered on original option availability. You won't get an option for "Green" interior with a "Red" car. This also works for Engine, Transmission, Axle combos. Also, production dates are calculated from your VIN's unit number.

Detailed engine specifications:
Get original engine specifications for the entered dataplate. Horsepower, Torque and other general specs. Plus Tune-Up information. plug type and gap, point settings, timing and more. Also get valve train and camshaft specifications.

Casting Number List:
List of casting numbers for your Mustang's engine compartment. List includes, engine blocks, cylinder heads, radiator fans, pulleys, carburetors, brackets and more. Broken down by application and design makes it easy to find the right one for your Mustang. Includes the original Ford part number for cross reference. View on screen or print list to take to swap meets.

Drivetrain Specifications:
Axle and transmission specifications plus axle and transmission build tag codes.

Paint Mixing Codes:
List of Ditzler(PPG), DuPont and original Ford paint mixing codes for the interior and exterior of your classic Mustang.

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