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MCA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation, care, history and enjoyment of all model years of Mustang, Shelby, Boss, Saleen, Roush, SVT Cobra, Steeda and McLaren. is a unique source of information about the 1965-1973 Classic Ford Mustang. Search the classifieds for cars and parts, or post your own "wanted" listing.

  This site is dedicated to the Classic Ford Mustangs from 1964½ through 1973. These early Mustangs spawned a new generation of American automobiles that would come to be known as pony cars.
  Devoted to owners and fans of 1965-1973 Mustangs, Shelbys, and authentic Shelby cobras. We specialize in finding collector quality cars for our customers, and inspect, appraise, and ship them around the US and the world.
   There are a lot of firsts on this one, the first GCM-R Mustang, custom built by Gateway Classic Mustang.
   This Mustang classifieds website has hundreds of mustangs for sale in your area. From Classic Mustangs to Cobra, Saleen and Roush models. Buy or Sell your mustang fast!
 Classic Mustangs for sale on eBay
 Ford and Mustang casting identification. Find detail pictures and information for parts identification. Classic 60's early 70's  Mustang, Shelby, Boss and Ford casting ID numbers and more.

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